Luigi Camozzo born on Murano in 1951, where he still lives and works. From the age of 10 years, he designs, creates, cuts, engraves, sculpts and transforms glass of all kinds: hand blown, millifiori mosaic, and glass blocks. He works with museums, galleries and collectors from around the world.

Since 1995, Luigi Camozzo holds courses in cold-working practice, theory, even advanced, and does consulting in glass: instructing engraving and its history, cold-working, sculpting and battuto(carving).

He is an authority of an historic practice of 22 diverse technics in engraving on glass – drawing from historical, traditional, and his own invented technics.

Technique: Engraving on Glass: The Wise Use of a Mark

Technique: Glass Battuto (Carved) and Cold Worked: A Translucent Dress for Contemporary Pieces

Technique: Sculpture on Glass: From the Artist's Thoughts to a Solid Form

Technique: Blown Glass: The Essence of Lightness, Proportion and Harmony

Designer: The Spirit of the Artist Materializes

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